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What we do

The main thrust of our designing at IDC finds us working on contract design projects for the luxury leisure/care market and high end residential properties. Drawing on our 26 years’ experience and creative expertise, we know just how to blend many elements together to ensure a final scheme meets the brief, is delivered on time and within budget, and yet, exceeds all expectations.

• We work together initially with a client to help create a concept or “brand” image for the proposed interior project and ascertain budgets and timescales.

• After these initial discussions, IDC will work closely with Architects and Lighting Contractors to put forward a fully integrated design scheme for presentation.

• After the designs are finalised and everything is confirmed, IDC will be responsible for procurement and installation of all the products included in the design scheme ie. furniture, window treatments, light fittings, wall finishes, artwork and design objects.

• During the lead time, IDC will attend site meetings, liaise with Architects and Site Contractors to ensure the smooth running of the final installation.

How we work

Our designs flesh out the bones of a site. We begin by picking out its architectural skeleton, then, with a meticulous eye, we gradually add to it layers of light, texture and detail.

Our style : classic cool – new traditional

Although no two projects are ever the same, we are masters at combining the classic and traditional, with the sleek and contemporary.  Paring down each scheme as we go along, we aim to achieve a design that is at once comfortable, uncluttered, effortlessly stylish and sophisticated.

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