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and more

more images to inspire me in the turquoise mode.  I hadnt realised that William de Morgan not only used this colour to great effect but used red too, take a look here :-   red lustre ware



another day, new inspirations

Another day of resting up (broken foot scenario) has produced more inspirational images.  With the Aesthetic movement finds of yesterday and the image of NIGHT AND SLEEP by Evelyn De Morgan, I found the wonderful ceramics of William De Morgan.  The colours and imagery I have found a renewed love for, he uses lots of blues, turquoise and greens with great effect, red lustre too.  I remember back in the day, many years back when Morris and his contemporaries were much in vogue, think they are making headway again but not in such an overblown way this time.

This tiled panel below was commisioned by P&O shipping lines for on etheir cruise liners.  De morgan uses ships a lot in his imagery, and was very drawn by the sea