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Tangerine Dream

Just up for a bit of air ! Very busy , plans, plans, plans and lots of luscious colour choices

Orange is one of my favourite colours, it incredibly zingy teamed with Grey, another all time favourite !

In fact any colour teamed with grey seems to sing loudly………  strange but I sense a lot of my colour as music, and music conjures up colours………

Kandinsky work expressed the sounds and movements of music, synaesthesia is the term, the louder the music, the more saturated the colour and so on.

This  brings me back to the colour of orange, its vibrancy its warmth and its abillity to lift ones spirits and induce creativity, , take a look at the work of Ruth Lloyd, now if this doesnt induce a good vibe I will eat my hat.  Ruth’s takes on orange is tangerine , take a look at her website by clicking on the image


a litte bit of Kandinsky to make you sing !!



Black or white

Or should I say black and white?  extreme polarities and what a difference  in feel designing with either  of these in a monochromatic scheme.   My new studio is white, its very uplifting and helps me to achieve a clear head.  However decorating with the two colours helps to bring about an equalibrium as in The Crown below.  A timeless classic updated in black, the ercol chair, draped with a white cosy sheepskin.  This Inn and their sister establishment The Olde Bell Inn are designed by Ilsa Crawford

Josef Frank

an image from Domino magazine inspired me to research Joseph Frank, his 40’s prints are so vibrant of full of energy  and so incredibly detailed.

This room is full of hope, waiting for the summer sun to return, strangely this pattern is called Hawaii?

Svenskt Tenn a wonderful  interiors shop in Stockholm , opened in in the 1920’s, 10 years later Josef Frank joined the design team and his abundantly floral fabrics were born.  Click on the image below to take you to the Svenskt Tenn shop,


timeless inspiration

I am needing to create a scheme for an apartment in a beautiful georgian buildiing, high cceilings, beautifully proportioned windows, light, sunny with views across swathes of gren parkland.  Want to keep this light airy feeling and have been inspired by this image of a bedroom, it belongs to the style editor of Domino magazine, a stateside interiors mag and appears in the book “Domino “

As you can imagine over the years I have amassed a huge collection of books and magazines, cuttings and clippings,  my bookshelves are groaning but there is nothing I love more than taking a book at random, making a cup of coffee and sitting outside in my favourite chair and perusing the pages.  Always, always find something that sparks off an idea.  Just like this image today

Happy New Year


Happy New year everyone, first day back at work !!  Avalanche of work, plans coming out of my ears, made a good start though, cleared some issues hanging over from before christmas, made a start on floor finishes plan and had a meeting to discuss how to tackle the workload.

With my walking practically non existant, and not being able to drive has curtailed my meetings somewhat, although Matlock beckons on my birthday, 18th January,  I will be great to be driven and site meeting is planned to be on the level so I dont have to climb up to the site managers office !!

All very exciting